PICTURES: Eve Adams and Eve and Others

1925 Adams, Eve PHOTO 300 dpi; 997 × 1543 pixels; 1.6 MB.TIF

ABOVE: 1925: Eve (center), Yerachmiel (her brother), and (probably) her sister Tobe. This photo was taken during Eve's trip from the U.S. back to Poland to visit her family.  Note Eve's pants suit and white shoes --"oxfords"? On her US entrance document Eve's occupation was listed as "tailoress," so perhaps she made the pants suit herself (the visible hems look a bit homemade). If you have more information or insights email Credit: Eran Zahavy Collection.

1927-02-24 Eve Adams' fingerprints Feb 1927 CROPPED.jpg

ABOVE: Eve's fingerprints. CREDIT: NYPD photo no. 8785, copied February 24, 1927, courtesy of the NYPD, Photo Unit Collection, New York City Municipal Archives. Jonathan Katz is grateful to Elizabeth Evens for discovering this document and providing OutHistory with a photo.

1927-02-24 Eve Adams' 2 fingerprints Feb 1927.jpg

ABOVE: Closeup from the photo above of two of Eve's fingerprints, with a date of February 1927. "The unique twirls on Eve’s fingertips provide an oddly intimate image, an eerie artifact of her physical existence." Jonathan Ned Katz, The Daring Life and Dangerous Times of Eve Adams,(Chicago Review Press, May 18, 2021) p. 68.

1928- Polish Passport PHOTO TIFF

ABOVE: Two pages from Eve's Polish multi-page passport dated November 27, 1928. Eve mentioned this passport in her letter to Ben Reitman on February 15, 1929, saying that she had stayed in Danzig (now Gdańsk, Poland) longer than she had wanted in order to get it (Katz, Daring Life, p. 106). After the passport expired and was useless to Eve she probably gave it as a memento to Hella Olstein's brother, Georges, who visited the two women in the summer of 1939 (Katz, Daring Life, p. 135). CREDIT: Daniel Olstein Collection

1933-01-03 Adams, Eve The chicago tribune, January 3, 1933, P.4.jpg

ABOVE: Eve Adams, an affectionate portrait that appeared in The Chicago Tribune (published in Paris), on January 3, 1933, page 4. CREDIT: Wambly Bald, Le Vie de Boheme (As Lived on the Left Bank), Chicago Tribune and the Daily News, New York (Paris), January 3, 1933, 4, via Gallica,

1934 PHOTO EVE HI REZ 32764.jpg

ABOVE: Eve in Paris, September 1934, photographer and setting unknown. Eve sent this photo to her brother Yerachmiel Zahavy, in Tel Aviv, Israel, and in 1972 he gave it to the Ghetto Fighters' House Archive in Lohamei HaGeta'ot, Israel. (“Chava Zloczewer, a Jewish Woman from Mława,” France, September 1934, via Ghetto Fighters’ House Archive,

Adams, Eve, 1941, Aug PHOTO 600 dpi BLPR_0030_0394_012.tif

ABOVE: “Eve Zloczower,” as Eve Adams spelled her original Polish surname on a passport photo that she had made in October 1941. The anchor images on Eve’s scarf are fitting, since this photo was for an international steamship trip back to the US for which Eve was yearning. Eve sent this photo to her friend and correspondent Ben Reitman in her four-page letter of September 1, 1941, from Nice, France, imploring him to find a way for her to legally return to the US. (Ben Reitman Papers, University of Illinois, Chicago, Archives)

Hella_and_Eve CROPPED FR HI RES_Page_1_Image_0001 2.jpg

ABOVE: Eve and her companion Hella Olstein, date and place unknown. Since Eve and Hella made several summer visits to Saint-Tropez, in southern France, this may be the locale. Daniel Olstein Collection.

Eve, Hella, Woman, Man CROPPED most.jpg

ABOVE: Eve, left, Hella, center, and an unidentified man and woman, date and location. One guess is that the man is Duncan Grinell-Millne and the woman his wife of that time. On April 18, 1934, Eve, in Paris, wrote to Alexander Berkman: “Well to do English friends of mine Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Grinell-Milne, author of 6 novels are looking for a villa in the South. I heard from a friend here that E. G. [Emma Goldman] wants to rent her cottage at St-Tropez for month. I am getting them interested – They are rich people and both charming good friends. . . . They have the most gorgeous town house and I am trying to convince them that they will like the place in spite that there is no bathroom. Alexander Berkman Papers, International Institute of Social History. The Worlds Leading Institute in Socio-Economic History. 66, Correspondence by first name, “Eve. 1934” [three pages, letter 15-16 in file]. Photo: Daniel Olstein Collection. If you can help identify the man and woman please write to