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Randall Sell Joins OutHistory as a Co-Director

BY ON June 29, 2017

Randall Sell

We are pleased to announce that Randall Sell, an associate professor of community health at Temple University, has agreed to join OutHistory’s leadership team, effective immediately.

Randall has contributed to OutHistory over the years, and helped us in our recent fund-raising drive. He is currently writing a book on the history of how LGBT folk have used science to gain civil rights.  I am also managing a project for the University of Pennsylvania documenting the history (200+ years) of gays at Penn.  Recently, he contributed to the creation of an AIDS Oral History of Philadelphia.

“I have been working with sexual and gender minority populations and conducting research with these populations for 30 years,” he tells us. “Most of this work has focused on improving research methods but the work has also produced information on their health and has been used to advocate for additional research. From the very beginning of this work I became interested in the history of research on these populations and I have collected originals and copies of many of the earliest works. I have also studied the greater sociopolitical context within which this research was conducted and observed how it has changed in my own lifetime.”




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