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Hello Lynley,

I'm just editing this page to show you what happens when somebody modifies your discussion page.

Alphabetizing Category Entries

To alphabetize category entries on the category page, type:

[[Category:Jim Kolbe|Kolbe, Jim]]

The word after the pipe is what wiki will use to sort, before the pipe is what shows in the bottom of the page.

Let me just mention that the link text donesn't necessarily need to be the same as the article title. I can link to Jim Kolbe's article for example. You can check the source to see how this is done. You can also automatically sign your name when you write something on the discussion pages (like I did below) by typing four tilde characters (~~~~). The will turn into a signature stamp when you save or preview.

Ebukva 12:28, 8 November 2007 (PST)

New User Welcom Template

Hello and welcome to

Thank you signing up and contributing to the project. Here are a couple of things you may find helpful as you navigate your way through the site:

  • First, we suggest that you set up the correct time zone for yourself by visiting the preferences page. This will allow you see when articles have been posted and edited according to your local time, rather than Greenwich Mean Time. Click on the "Date and time" tab and simply click on the "Fill in from the browser" button to determine your time zone automatically. You can also set other useful defaults on the preferences page.
  • Next, try editing your own user page to tell others a bit about yourself and get familiar with editing. You can access your user page by clicking on your username on the top of the sidebar.
  • Each user on OutHistory has a user page and a talk page. Use your and others talk pages for discussion and communication. Just like on Wikipedia, it's a standard practice to indent your paragraphs one level further when engaging in a discussion. Type a single or multiple colons before each of you paragraphs to indent text (::Like this). Sign your edits automatically by typing four tilde characters (~~~~). If your discussion concerns a single article, edit that article's discussion page instead.
  • Finally, for advanced editing see editing help and above all, experiment on the sandbox page rather than a real article page.

Ebukva 14:26, 10 January 2008 (PST)

Front Page & Book Tempalte

I've tweaked the front page subtly (not too much), split the bottom portion into two columns, and changed the background color to light blue in the browse section. The book template is also up with on the Sandbox. I had no example content/images... Tweak as you wish. Ebukva 09:20, 27 March 2008 (PDT)

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