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Useful History Sites

Out of the Past – 400 years of Lesbian and Gay History in America
This PBS site provides an extensive timeline of gay and lesbian related events and people from 1600 to the present.
GLBTQ - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Encyclopedia
An extensive collaborative encyclopedia on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer issues, events, and people.
This site provides extensive lists of sources on Queer Culture, Queer Theory, Queer Studies, Gender Studies and related fields helpfully indexed by subject. Links are provided to purchase sources from various vendors.
Lesbian Herstory Archives
Founded in 1974 by Joan Nestle and Deborah Edel, the Lesbian Herstory Archives is an established repository for archival material on lesbian history. This site is mainly dedicated to providing information about the physical archive housed in the Park Slope, Brooklyn there are several online collections as well as findinga and overviews of the archive collections.
GLBT Historical Society (San Francisco)
This site mainly provides information for the physical collection of San Francisco’s GLBT Historical Society but has a few online exhibits as well as a useful online exhibits and an online video archive.
The History Project: Boston
This site documents the history of Boston’s LGBT communities and is particularly strong in documenting a range of different racial communities.
People With A History: An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans History
While this site is older (1997), it provides useful information on LGBT history.
The Pink and the Blue: Lesbian and Gay Life at Yale and in Connecticut, 1642-2004
This site provides a useful timeline for LGBTQ history for New Haven, Conn. and Yale University, 1642-2004.
Rainbow History Project- Furies
An interesting site that looks at sodomy laws domestically and internationally. Of interest to a historical researcher are the links to articles on the history of sodomy law as well as the listings of case law.
Southern California LGBT History
A joint project between ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives and UCLA’s LGBT Campus Resource Center, this site provides useful timelines from 1940 to the present as well as biographical sketches for important LGBT people.

Researching History

Research and Documentation Online by Diane Hacker
This online version of Hacker’s Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age offers an assortment of style guides, research tips, and helpful links for the humanities, history, science and social science scholars. Of particular interest are the History Finding Primary Sources links and the Documenting Sources links.

Chicago Style Guide Examples encorages Chicago Style as it’s official style guide. These sites are useful for answering questions about correct formatting and citation.

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