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(A copy of the journal, The Port Folio, 1803, edited by Joseph Dennie)

Romantic Friendships

What are called romantic friendships were common in the 19th-century. These same-sex relationships were aided by the so-called social “spheres” that regulated gender roles and often kept males and females apart.[1]

Officially, romantic friendships were “pure” and chaste (not lustful or sexual), exemplifying the Victorian concept of “true love.”[2][3] They allowed intense emotional, physical, and spiritual same-sex intimacy marked by fluid expressions of affection. But as historians point out, the “overlap of the romantic, erotic, and physical” may now make these vintage relationships hard to define.[4]

Joseph Dennie and Roger Vose

Joseph Dennie formed intense relationships with his Harvard college buddies. One close friend was Roger Vose. In 1790, Dennie wrote Vose, saying “The only wish I form is, that fortune, contenting herself with keeping us so long asunder, would now wheel about & suffer you to live & study with me at Groton [and that] for years to come one might be our table & one our bed.”[5] Vose replied, “A prospect of resting near Dennie for life would be very agreeable. Agreeable? It would be heavenly.”[6]

Dennie edited and, as “Oliver Oldschool, Esq.,” contributed to "The Port Folio".[7] Pages of that literary publication were populated with discussions about male-to-male friendship.



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