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Robert Fagnant said ...
11:36, 14 November 2009 (PST)
Garbage buckets were picked up first in Providence and people brought them in because in this city contractors and people steal these containers when they are empty (use them for paint, etc., and we're not allowed to put your name on it)! However, after you buy enough containers at 700 Allens Ave., you learn to put your name on it. Doesn't matter, gets stolen anyway and the thief justs paints over it. Now you know, in Crime Providence where even Dunkin Donuts hides their sugar and salt and pepper on Chalkstone Ave., everything gets stolen. I have one big question. Why didn't you simply pick up big containers before the little buckets. That way, common sense 152 IQ I guess it takes, that if you did that- you would know who was trully violating the separation of plastics and paper laws! So, even if NO NOTE on the main container they let it stay on the streets- even with NO NOTE! A note was suppose to be put if NO containers but, again, people brought the small containers inside because no one knew about the policy. The big container trucks were suppose to look at the NOTE BUT THEY DIDN'T! Now, who's at fault now- why yes- the BIG CONTAINER UNION PRIVATE CONTRACTORS- that's who... so before you do IT'S the citizens fault guild trip, ask yourself WAS IT? NO NOTE meant the trash small buckets were there YOU IDIOTS!!!! So, the rats will have to eat our garbage and a few people told me they just threw theirs in the woods (maybe even the Scituate Reservoir for a protest- who knows where?). So much for your Green Initiative! Anyway, it's just one more thing for my 67 million opt-in emails my servers send out why not to visit Providence, home of tax payer nightmare, business non-friendly, and the new tax-acchusetts of NE where even 5 or less employees are taxed to death at 25k minimum before even one dollar is paid (mandatory insurance for W2 that is). Do you realize why people and small companies are moving out of RI? Do you think it might be the worst tax state to do business in? Excuse me, worst tax and garbage state to do business in!
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