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Michelle was a San Francsico drag queen with a number of successful local productions in the late 60s and early 70s. One of the last headliners at the famous Finnocchios, Michelle's benefit work for various charities earned her/him? a resolution from the San Francisco Senate Rules Committee in 1974 and a mayoral certificate of merit in 1979.

Michelle is mentioned as helping Jose Sarria begin his career as a drag performer.[1]

Images of Michelle and information about her are at Queer Music Heritage, below.

Phonograph Recordings

Ready or Not, Its Me (Ron-Mar 5/6/7/8)

Its Me Again (???)

Here's to Us (Raritan CW 016)--compilation album of the first two albums


DragStravaganza: Minor Luminaries

Queer Music Heritage.us: Michelle

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