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There are a number of user types in OutHistory:

  • Non registered users may discuss an entry on the "Discuss" page of that entry, and discuss the site on the "Discuss" section of the Main Page. They may not edit any pages. Their edits on the "Discuss" sections are recorded by an IP number.
  • Registered users may edit unprotected articles and "Discuss" pages, and upload files to the site.
  • Sysops have all the power of registered users and can also Protect, Delete, and Move articles in addition to editing both protected and unprotected pages.
  • Bureaucrats have all the powers of Sysops but can also promote or demote other users.
  • Bots are software robots which can be created to perform periodic and repetitive maintenance tasks.

Bureaucrat How To

To promote users, Click on the "Special Pages" link in the red sidebar, then click on "User Rights Management" link. On the following screen you must enter the exact user name of the user whose privileges you wish to modify (the user name is case sensitive). After entering the user name and clicking on the "Edit User Groups" button, two combo boxes will be displayed on the page. The left combo box lists groups of which the user is a member. The right combo box contains groups available for that particular user.

To promote a user, click any of the available groups in the right combo-box. To demote a user, select any of the groups displayed in the left combo-box. Selected groups in the right combo-box will be added and selected groups in the left combo-box will be deleted.

"Reason for change" is not a mandatory field, but it is an extremely useful descriptive comment for others (or yourself) when looking through changes.

Finally, click on the "Save User Groups" for your changes to take effect.

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