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Original Document 9A:

“Saturday, June 28, 1969 [time unclear] am, Unusual Occ[urrence] (cont), [page number] 175”

NYPD 9A.150dpi.jpeg

Transcription of Document 9A:

[upper right side of page] 175

Saturday June 28, 1969

[5:00 obscured] AM Unusual Occ (Cont.)

[added above following line] -and head.

[crossed out: Vin Hoptl]. Treated at St. Vin[cent's] Hosp[ital] by

Dr. Camponella [?] and released. Diagnosis

Head Trauma, Frc. [Fracture] left leg. Ptl reported

sick MBI prepared 4F6 #2640.

Signal 10-41 cancelled at 335AM by Capt Rosenblum[?].

Sgt Twily [?] directed seizure [?] ag [against?] [unclear word] #K241150

for no occupancy sign VAC on [blacked out]

[blacked out] ret [?] 7/15/69.

Insp. Adam Tatem of Div[ision] of Lic[ensing], Dept of Consumer

Affairs issued the following summonses:

#X163029-30-31 to [blacked out]

for V.A.C. 1) unlic cabaret 2) Overcrowding 3) Unlic exhib.

#X163032 to [blacked out] unlic. exhib.

#X163033 to [blacked out] DO ["ditto"?]

#X163034 to [blacked out] DO ["ditto"]

Following ["Ptl" crossed out] Members responded in [?] 10-41

Member Pct.

Sgt Atlas ["Athos" ?] 10

Ptl Quinn 10

Ptl Colongelo [?] 10

Ptl Micucci 10

Ptl Carr 10

Sgt Johnson 5

Ptl Mallon 5

Ptl Graniew [?] 5

Ptl Tembo 5

Ptl Sternisky 5

Ptl DeMatte 5

Sgt Thraick (?) 4

Ptl Bellin 4

Ptl Burns (?) 4

Ptl Bradley 4

Ptl Zalusky 4

Ptl Gallagher 4

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