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Original Document 6:

Complaint Report

Complainant (blacked out name of Volkswagen owner) taken by Officer Robert Hansen

Time of Occurrence: approximately 3 am, 6/28/69

NYPD 5.150dpi.jpeg

Transcription of Document 6:

Complaint Report

Complainan's Surname [blacked out]

Date and time Reported 10:00am 6/28/69

Pct. 6

U.F. 61 No. 6823

Date and Time of Occurrence Approx 3:00am 6/28/69

C.C.D. No. 441264

Place of Occurrence 53 Christopher St Outside [checked]

Type of Premises, Business, etc. Street

Crime or Offense (if any) Criminal Mischeif [sic]

Particulars as Reported by Complainant and/or Initial Investigating Officer Compl[ainant] present at the SH [Station House] reports to Ptl Hansen 15074 6th Pct that her auto parked across the street from 53 Christohger St. was stopmed [sic for stomped] on during a disturbance at the time of occurance, Auto 1968 VW Lic [blacked out] Damage to the roof, hood, and rear engine cover.

Initial Investigating Officer's Name (Typed) Ptl Robert Hansen 15074 6

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