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Emma Williams Murders Eleanor Richardson, Mobile, AL, February 24, 1892

Williams murder, Charleston News, 2/25/1895

Charleston News & Courier (Charleston, SC), February 25, 1892, page 1.

Williams murder, Charleston News, 2/25/1895

Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH), February 25, 1892, page 1.

An Original OutHistory Publication
While the Alice Mitchell case was ongoing, the Southern press printed reports about an African American woman, Emma Williams, murdering another African American woman, Eleanor Richardson, in Mobile, Alabama.
The two women had apparently been living together in an intimate relationship. The reports compared Emma Williams to Alice Mitchell and Eleanor Richardson to Freda Ward.
Lisa Duggan's essay on the Alice Mitchell murder discusses the Williams/Richardson case, and reprints a detailed Memphis newspaper report about it. Based on that report, Duggan points out that Emma Williams is not presented as gender deviant, as was Alice Mitchell, who had planned to dress, pass, and work as a man, and, as a man, to marry Freda Ward. 
OutHistory reprints two newspaper reports of the Williams/Richardson case. 
Research Request
The curator of this original OutHistory feature, Jonathan Ned Katz, requests that researchers who discover more information about the Emma Williams/Eleanor Richardson case send full citations and documents to him at outhistory@gmail.com. All new information will be credited to the researcher and added to the bibliography. Are there trial records and other newspaper reports?
Readers may click on the newspaper reports to see larger versions.
Bibliography on the Williams/Richardson Case
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