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OutHistory.org Welcomes You To Our New Blog!

BY ON May 27, 2014

Just in time for LGBT History Month, OutHistory.org is pleased to announce the creation of its new blog. It will operate under the cheerful supervision of Co-Director Claire Bond Potter. What can you expect to find here in the coming months?

  • Announcements. Are you having a conference, an event to honor a colleague, a talk, a performance or an exhibit that you would like to advertise to the OutHistory community? A prize competition? Send it to us with a short write-up and preferably an image, and we will be pleased to post them here.
  • Calls to action. Is there something concerned community and scholar-activists ought to know about? Perhaps this is a community center that needs help, a documentary film that needs funding, an archive that requires support to be processed and preserved  properly, an art collection that is looking for a home, or a women’s/gender/sexuality/feminist/queer studies program that is suffering from university budget cuts? Are you launching an oral history project that you want people to know about? Send it in.
  • Historical commentary on contemporary events. OutHistory.org is a history site, so even though many things happening right now benefit from historical context and discussion, they don’t warrant a whole exhibit (at least not yet.) However, one of the things blogging does best is to seize a piece of headline news and tell you what that event means when put in context; or why it represents a sharp break with the past.
  • New Book Notes. We don’t review books on OutHistory, but we do want people to know about them. After publication on the blog, the book will be transported to our Book Shelf section (now under construction), where it can be easily accessed.
  • Interviews and Conversations. These will sometimes be in video and sometimes in print, but they will always be interesting.
  • Historical resources. Short posts on a collection where LGBT material showed up unexpectedly, or that is unusual in some way, are particularly ideal — but if you have an idea, we want to know about it.
  • Great historians writing short pieces just for you. We are putting together our blogging team now, but right now we have tentative commitments from some wonderful writers, as well as me, Tenured Radical, who will be cross-posting as well as posting content exclusive to OutHistory.org.

So what should you do? Send us stuff! Volunteer to be on our staff of rowdy bloggers! We promise:

  • That we will never post work that is not clearly and accessibly written;
  • That we will maintain this blog as a place for respectful commentary. Trolls, sock puppets and other bearers of misery will be banned from our comments section.
  • That we genuinely want contributions from a range of readers. It is best to contact us in advance if you are writing something special to submit to OutHistory.org, but if it is written already, less than 2000 words, and you can’t figure out what to do with it, send it!
  • We will always respond to you.

For now, write us with your ideas at this address, and we’ll see you in October!


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